Animation and Video Game Design- New Age Industries

Prof.A.S. Kolaskar

Vice Chancellor,The Neotia University, (WB)

In new age economy, several new industries have emerged. Two fastest growing industries are ‘Animation’ and ‘Video Game Design’. Each of them have several hundred billion dollar marker and growing at the compound growth rate of about 12% in the world. These are also human intensive industries which not only impact economy but have impact on social model. In India too, Animation and Video Game Design industries though nascent, are growing very fast at the compound growth rate of about 17% and 22% respectively. The nature of Indian Animation and Video Game Design industry is also fast changing. Instead of carrying out only outsourced work from big international companies, Indian Animation and Video Game Design industry is developing its own content and full products. They are partnering with international major companies in developing these products and technologies and are making impact in entertainment sector and also in education, health and other areas.

To continue the growth rate of Indian Animation and Video Game Design industry and its share in world market we need to improve supply of properly trained human resources, remove misunderstanding about these sectors and initiate Government policy to support these sectors as in case of Information Technology (IT). In fact, Maharashtra state is the only state in the country that has Animation and Video Game Design policy in place. West Bengal State Government and the eastern India needs to take initiative in this regard.

India in general and eastern India in particular lacks formal education in Animation as well as in Video Game Design, for example: Very few Universities in the country have B.Sc/B.A programs in Animation. There is not a single University in the country except ‘The Neotia University’ (TNU) (West Bengal) that provides B.A/B.Sc course in Video Game Design. Most of the human resources in this area being created by private training institutions which are of short term duration. The model of creating trained IT personnel is followed in these industries without realizing that large number of Universities also provide formal training in the form of B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, MCA etc. in Computer Science & Engineering, as well as, in IT. Such a training being absent in Video Game and Animation sector is affecting the industry’s growth. In fact, in Europe and US as well as in Australia such formal training in Animation as well as Video Game Design are essential and various courses are available in Universities and Institutions. This has helped in the growth of these sectors in those countries. The attempts of the University like The Neotia University to start B.A/B.Sc courses in Animation and Video Game Design will have immense impact, as students will learn usage of software packages in this sector and will also undergo training in technical communication, script writing, sound effect, theory of colour, Indian culture, world culture etc, in addition to various technical aspects.

Today several Video Game programs and animated films are changing our approach to education and is helping in solving major social problems. For example, Pro tat-2, an education program by Gab Newell has earned more than US $1.65 million in helping to learn Physics, Astrophysics, Robotics etc. in a completely new manner. Similarly, a program Evoke is a social innovation program which is available and is providing several out of box solutions. Several gamershave provided different and interesting solutions through serious Video Games. These serious games thus, will have impact on every aspect of life of human being on this globe.

The salaries of game designer, animator, film director/producer are quite high as compared to IT engineers. The requirement of well-trained game designer and animator is increasing as with almost every major movie a video game is also developed. Thus, the market is large and growing.

Top ten Game companies in India include: 19 Studios, Zebu Games, Axis Entertainment Limited, Dhruva Interactive, CreatioSoft, GameEon Infotech, Juego Studios etc. Similarly, the top Animation companies from India are: Pentamedia Graphics, Maya Entertainment, Toonz Animation India, UTV Toons, Reliance Mediaworks, Silvertoon Studio, Jadoo Works, D Q etc. The size and number of these successful companies is growing.As per some of the knowledgeable persons in this industry, India will be third largest Video Game designing, producing country. Similarly, in Animation also. It is going to be one of the top five countries in the world. To achieve the stature,we need to give formal holistic education and training to young creative motivated hardworking students. I am stressing the word formal as that will help the students to fully understand these subjects and be ready to take up challenges in this industry. The future is bright provided students are motivated, hardworking and has tenacity.

Some of the Institutes/Universities providing formal degree in Animation:

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay

Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation (IIDAA), Kolkata

Birla Institute of Technology, Noida

The Neotia University, Sarisa, West Bengal

Gujarath University, Ahmedabad


There are no formal courses in Video Game Design except at ‘The Neotia University, Sarisa, West Bengal’.


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