Top Career Options with Best Salaries and Highest Paying Jobs in India

Everyone likes to work hard for their career. Achieving top ranks in student life is to get a good career. We have study hard and finally get a job in some reputed company but if you get a pay that is worth your work is a great satisfaction that very few can get. So let us see some top career options that pay high salaries if you have the best skill set than everyone. There are some career options that are always at high position with demand all the time. let us see them below: -

Top Career Options:

Now here we will see some top career options with best salaries all the time with a preferred skill set. Check it out.

Management Professionals:

Now-a-days Management profession is the best career option we can say. If you are graduate from a good college then even if you are a fresher then your salary should be around 7-9 LPA. Generally they start their career as trainees and undergo a period of extensive training. Later they turn as a best Management Professional with high salary payout as 25-30 LPA. If you have a great skill taht is unique from others then even sky cannot be your limit.

IT & Software:

This profession is always a hot career option to many. But it varies from different positions as the seniority increases. For freshers it may be average earning but if they can with stand in this profession slowly they get seniority along with high payouts too. We can observe the salary difference as 1.5 to 20 LPA from low level executive level to a senior executive level. So choosing IT & Software as their profession is also a good choice in terms of earning if their interest match.

Chartered Accountant:

These days Chartered Accounting is also the best profession if one can work hard. They can work in different areas as financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking an d consultancy. A fresh CA can earn about 7 LPA and a professional CA can earn upto 24 LPA. These Chartered Accountants can earn even individually this is an advantage for them. But the student should be a certified CA.

Medical Professional:

Medical profession is always in demand whether it is regular or emergency service. Instead working in some established nursing home everyone is preferring to start a private practice of their own nursing home. As everyone will be dreaming to be healthy all the time medical field is always been a good career opportunity since olden days. Their earning also will be endless as people are not seen without illness. When people are ill doctors are always in demand we can say.

Oil and Natural Gas Sector:

This sector of Oil and Natural Gas is with huge profits every time and it pays high salaries to its employees. In the entry level an employee can expect 3.5 to 6 LPA and experienced candidate can expect up to 15 to 20 LPA. In India, there are lot of jobs in PSUs such as ONGC, IOCL and Bharat Petroleum. Salaries are very high in private sector such as British Gas, Reliance Energy, Halliburton, Schlumberger and Shell.

Entertainment Industry:

Entertainment is a vast industry where can see profits in small events, episodes, TV shows and Films. Earning will be around 10,000 to 2 lakhs INR for an episode or event depending on the event or program they conduct. In film industry a Debut can earn around 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs INR depending on budget of the film.They also can go for fashion shows and print adds for both media and magazines. These candidates undergo training in top institutions. Institutions train the students in various aspects as per the candidates latent and interest.


The airline sector has seen a vast development in the recent days. There is a demand for qualified pilots, ground staff, stewards, air hostesses, etc. Many private companies have entered this sector to provide their services. Average salaries for both jumbo pilots and regular pilots range between 7 Lakhs to 9.5Lakhs INR. Airline stewards and airhostesses draw somewhere between 4 Lakhs to 6Lakhs INR. Air traffic controllers get 5Lakhs to 6Lakhs INR.

Law Professionals:

Legal profession needs hard work and dedication to their work. they need to understand the law and present them to court. Until they are recognised by everyone it is little difficult for them to stay in this profession but once they are recognised they need not worry about their earnings. Even in the public sector they will get the pay according to the government norms. While coming to private sector, firms pay hefty amounts – INR 6-9 LPA for fresh National law school graduates and INR 10-15LPA for those with 4-6 years of experience.

BPO`s and KPO`s:

Customer service is a basic necessity for every company irrespective of the industry and size; and for that they are ready to pay good payout in return to their service. Moreover with the global recession, the call center job market is booming. Good talents are thus in high demand. They only need to be very professional in talking to clients and need to know multiple languages as it is a plus point. Mostly employees here work for the foreign companies from India.

(CFT: Updated on 4th May 2015)

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